Charles Krewson practiced interior design in New York City for 20 years before relocating to DC, where he had spent part of his childhood. He brought with him extensive experience and a fascination with art, artists and design gleaned from years living in Europe. “As my unique practice requires, I collaborate with a select group of artisans, experts and high-end vendors to express my clients’ taste and vision,” he says. “My work blends European sophistication with American ease.”

Krewson engages closely with clients to create beautiful, unique and delightful environments that address their practical needs. By incorporating personal collections and thoughtful elements such as custom palettes and sophisticated lighting, he crafts nuanced design compositions that are ultimately livable. Drawing on his expertise in fine art and antiques, he develops schematics and groupings that incorporate his clients’ collections and reflect their passions. “Context is key,” he explains. “It takes a trained eye (and clever installation know-how) to create the perfect environment that will evoke the most interaction and interest.

“I design all my projects for the individual and never recycle concepts or materials between projects,” he continues. “I like getting to know clients, finding their personal style and then amplifying it.”

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